The Best Places To Try Thai Street Food In Bangkok, Chiang Mai, And Phuket – What To Order And Where To Find Them

Thai Street Food Is One Of The Most Delicious And Diverse Cuisines In The World. From Spicy Noodles And Fragrant Curries To Crispy Spring Rolls And Succulent Grilled Meats, There Is Something For Everyone To Enjoy.

Whether You Are Looking For A Quick Snack, A Hearty Meal, Or A Sweet Treat, You Can Find It At The Countless Street Stalls And Markets That Dot The Country.

But Where Are The Best Places To Try Thai Street Food? And What Are The Dishes That You Should Not Miss?

In This Article, We Will Take You On A Culinary Journey Through Three Of The Most Popular Destinations In Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, And Phuket.

We Will Show You What To Order And Where To Find Them, As Well As Some Tips And Tricks For Eating Street Food Safely And Enjoyably.

Bangkok: The Capital Of Street Food

Bangkok Is A Bustling Metropolis That Offers A Dizzying Array Of Street Food Options. You Can Find Everything From Classic Thai Dishes To Regional Specialties And International Influences.

Here Are Some Of The Must-Try Street Food Dishes In Bangkok And Where To Find Them:

Chiang Mai: The Northern Delight

Chiang Mai Is The Largest City In Northern Thailand And A Cultural Hub That Boasts A Rich And Distinctive Cuisine.

Influenced By Neighboring Countries Such As Myanmar, Laos, And China, Northern Thai Food Is Known For Its Use Of Herbs, Spices, And Sticky Rice.

Here Are Some Of The Must-Try Street Food Dishes In Chiang Mai And Where To Find Them:

  • Khao Soi: Although Khao Soi Is Also Popular In Bangkok, It Originated In Chiang Mai And Is Considered A Signature Dish Of The City. The Northern Version Of Khao Soi Is Slightly Different From The Southern One, As It Uses A Richer And Creamier Coconut Milk Broth And More Spices Such As Turmeric And Curry Powder. It Also Comes With A Variety Of Condiments Such As Pickled Mustard Greens, Shallots, Lime Wedges, And Roasted Chili Paste That You Can Add To Your Liking. One Of The Best Places To Try Khao Soi In Chiang Mai Is At Khao Soi Khun Yai, A Michelin Plate Stall That Is Run By A Grandmother And Her Niece1.

Phuket: The Island Paradise

Phuket Is Thailand’s Largest Island And A Popular Tourist Destination That Offers Stunning Beaches, Vibrant Nightlife, And Diverse Cuisine.

Influenced By The Peranakan Culture Of The Chinese-Malay Descendants Who Settled In The Island Centuries Ago, Phuket’s Food Is A Fusion Of Thai, Chinese, Malay, And Indian Flavors.

Here Are Some Of The Must-Try Street Food Dishes In Phuket And Where To Find Them:

  • Oh Eaw: Oh Eaw Is A Refreshing Dessert That Is Made From Shaved Ice Topped With Banana Jelly, Red Beans , Grass Jelly, And Syrup. It Is A Popular Street Snack That Can Help You Cool Down On A Hot Day. You Can Find Oh Eaw At Many Street Stalls And Markets In Phuket, But One Of The Best Places To Try It Is At Oh Eaw Khun Mae, A Stall That Has Been Selling This Dessert For Over 50 Years.

Tips And Tricks For Eating Street Food In Thailand

Eating Street Food In Thailand Can Be A Fun And Delicious Experience, But It Can Also Pose Some Risks If You Are Not Careful. Here Are Some Tips And Tricks To Help You Enjoy Street Food Safely And Enjoyably:

  • Choose Stalls That Are Busy And Have A High Turnover Of Customers. This Means That The Food Is Fresh And Popular, And Less Likely To Cause Food Poisoning.
  • Avoid Stalls That Have Flies, Dirt, Or Bad Smells. These Are Signs Of Poor Hygiene And Sanitation, And Can Indicate That The Food Is Contaminated Or Spoiled.
  • Look For Stalls That Cook The Food In Front Of You Or Have A Transparent Display Of The Ingredients. This Way, You Can See How The Food Is Prepared And What Goes Into It, And Avoid Any Surprises Or Allergies.
  • Bring Your Own Utensils Or Use Disposable Ones. Some Stalls May Not Wash Their Utensils Properly Or Reuse Them For Different Dishes, Which Can Spread Germs And Cross-Contamination.
  • Drink Bottled Water Or Sealed Beverages. Tap Water In Thailand Is Not Safe To Drink, And Ice May Be Made From Tap Water As Well. Avoid Drinks That Are Served In Glasses Or Cups That May Not Be Cleaned Properly.
  • Be Adventurous But Cautious. Try New Dishes And Flavors, But Don’t Go Overboard. Start With Small Portions And See How Your Stomach Reacts. If You Have Any Dietary Restrictions Or Allergies, Ask The Vendor Before Ordering Or Avoid Dishes That You Are Not Sure About.


Thai Street Food Is One Of The Best Ways To Experience The Culture And Diversity Of Thailand. From Bangkok To Chiang Mai To Phuket, You Can Find A Variety Of Dishes That Will Satisfy Your Taste Buds And Make You Fall In Love With Thai Cuisine.

Whether You Are Looking For Spicy, Sweet, Sour, Or Savory Flavors, You Can Find Them All At The Street Stalls And Markets That Offer Authentic And Affordable Thai Food.

We Hope That This Article Has Given You Some Ideas On What To Order And Where To Find Them When You Visit Thailand.

Remember To Follow Our Tips And Tricks To Eat Street Food Safely And Enjoyably, And Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New. You Might Discover Your New Favorite Dish!

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